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with 30 X 8" Repairs


$59.90 Qty 24+

LARGE TRUCK Tires Over 17" (GVW) 8,000-40,000 + lbs. On-the-Wheel Repair. Contains: 30-8" 20cm Self-Vulcanizing Plug Repairs; Metal T-Handle Tools; Lube; Easy to use Instructions; in a Storable High Impact Case, 12"x8"x2.5".

Military; STRYKER, MRAP Tires, Battle Damage Repair

Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural Tires

Bonus, Spare Parts: Extra Insertion Needle, Trimming Blades, Allen Key, and Set Screw. Extra Long, 8" Probe Tool, for added leverage, essential for Large tire probing. Safety Seal Lube allows plugs to slip into place and does not interfere with the self-vulcanization process. No Cement is Needed.

Refill Plugs; SS-RTB, 30-8", 20cm Repairs. “X-RAY and HOLOGRAPH TESTED.” Total rubber saturated nylon cords protect against air loss, ply separation, and wire cord corrosion around the site of repair. Tire Sealant, plug refills, patches, tools, chemicals, tire repair kits, and parts always in stock. Safety Seal automotive products fix flats, on pneumatic glass belted and steel-belted tubeless tires.

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